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The talk

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Jul 2

Hello dear readers, I am so happy to greet you once again for a new article on « The talk ». I hope you are all doing amazingly great and that everything went into your favor since the last time we co
Dec 17, 2018

Hello dear readers, and welcome to another article for «The Talk». As the majority of you requested, today’s article will focus upon the art of bamboo in Japan. I will present to you this tradition f
Nov 4, 2018

Hello dear readers, it's time to address another topic in "the talk". Last week when I asked you if you had any question, one of you asked me if I can explain how to achieve a minimalistic interior
Jan 15

Hello dear readers, I hope you guys are doing great and that you are having an amazing beginning of 2019. I truly wish you happiness, growth, and abundance during this year. I am excited about this ne
Dec 3, 2018

Hello everyone, it's been a minute since we gather together to share our thoughts on a topic. As I told you on my insta story, I recently traveled to my home country (Gabon), this journey allowed me t
Oct 28, 2018

Hello dear readers, today I come to you with a new section on my blog name " The Talk". This part of the blog is dedicated to you guys, and questions that you may have regarding design or architect
Dec 26, 2018

Hello dear readers, I hope you spent an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. As you know, last week, I asked you to send me all the questions you may have regarding the process of becoming an artis
Nov 19, 2018

Hello dear readers, for this week article in "The Talk", I will answer a question from one of you guys. The question was about underground houses, since this is an interesting topic that few people ta

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