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Nov 19, 2018

Advantages of underground houses in Africa


Edited: Nov 19, 2018

Hello dear readers, for this week article in "The Talk", I will answer a question from one of you guys. The question was about underground houses, since this is an interesting topic that few people talk about, and after researching the matter, I realize that it would be more fascinating to narrow this article about the advantages of building an underground house in Africa.



Underground houses have been around for thousands of years, nowadays, architects are trying to globalize those amazing structures in order to solve worldwide issues.


Countries such as England, USA, and Russia already have a high percentage of underground houses. Thus countries such as China and Japan also adopted those types of accommodation to solve their high population rate issues (ex: Alice City).



When they are well design, the houses can be a stylish, comfortable, secure, and bright inspiring space to live in. Known for their sustainable benefits, underground houses are highly coveted due to the many advantages they offer:




1- The harmony it creates with its natural environment, the house and the exteriors merge into one. It is an ideal ecologic design thanks to its low impact on nature.


2- The perfect refuge it represents in case of extreme weather. No matter if its cold or warm, underground houses creates a temperature balance within the house due to the properties of the soil.


3- The durability of the structure. Thanks to building materials such as concrete and cinder blocks, the house is stronger and last longer than a regular house. Those structures are viable


4- The house is safer because only one part of the house is on the surface, which means you'll have fewer doors to secure.


5- With its strong isolation properties, the house is a peaceful, quiet and private environment for its inhabitants.


6- One of the best advantages is definitely the major financial saving you will make. From the budget's materials to the maintenance cost of the house's energy. Underground houses will allow you to save money thanks to its design, not a lot of building material are needed in the construction process and the house is energetically efficient which means your bills will be drastically reduced or even none existent if you add solar design.



To illustrate this article, I choose a wonderful project from denieuwegeneratie, the well-known Amsterdam-based architectural practice designed the Dutch Mountain, a wonderful underground house that will easily help me to demonstrate my point. Even tho this project is not in Africa, it is a wonderful example of how Underground houses perform.


According to the architects, “The large glass facade allows the sun to warm the concrete shell. The thermal mass keeps this warmth and cools the house during the summer. The wooden cantilever regulates sun and is the only visible architecture in the landscape. The open structure of the house is filled in with a light set of rooms, giving it the flexibility to grow together with its owners.”


As seen with the Dutch Mountain, underground houses are a great way to save money in the construction process, save money with the electric bills, maximize the space on your land, stay flexible with the spatial arrangement of the house in case of a growing household, and to have a lesser impact on the environment.



In the case of housing management in Africa, it is important to note that most African countries are confronted with housing issues. In fact, the population and the urbanism are growing every year, and shelters are infrequent. According to the worldometers.info, the current population of Africa is 1,299,605,719 as of Monday, November 19, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. As we all know we are facing a global environmental degradation and some African countries suffer from virus such as Ebola.


This type of accommodation can be used as social housing, boumkoeur in time of crises, and more. It will also help inhabitants to save money and to live an ecologic lifestyle.

That's it guys I hope you guys enjoy this post, and I hope to see you next week ♡

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  • Hello dear readers, I am so happy to greet you once again for a new article on « The talk ». I hope you are all doing amazingly great and that everything went into your favor since the last time we connected. As you may remember, 3 weeks ago I asked you what was the subject you wanted me to address in « The Talk », and the majority of you requested me to address the bohemian interior style. Therefore the main focus of today's topic will be on how to achieve a boho chic interior design in just 5 simple steps. What is a boho-chic interior you may ask, well boho which is short for bohemian derives from the French word for « gypsy » which is most of the time link to an unusual artistic way of life. This interior style most of the time evoke a space of travelers, artists, free spirits, and hippies, where the individuals own personal personality and aesthetic shine through. Due to the free expression, the colorful pieces, and the unconventional display that a bohemian interior required can make the room appear a bit messy and cluster. Therefore, the efficient mix between a bohemian style and a chic interior touch is the perfect blend to host a peaceful interior that is your own but doesn't suffocate your guest. 1- MORE is MORE: In opposite to the minimalism philosophy, Boho-chic embraces the « more is more » concept, as a way to fill the space with the more personality possible in order to create a feeling overflowing with life and uniqueness. An interior that embraces Boho-Chic should appear busy, almost chaotic, and yet confident and happy in its fullness. Cover the walls with beloved items, fill surfaces with textiles and color, and layer, then layer, then layer again. Bohemian Style Tip: Embrace handmade items into your space. Because the entire style is focused on the sense of unique individuality, handmade items are a perfect component. 2- Don’t shy away from vintages pieces: Boho-chic pieces of furniture are usually a perfect mix between the old and the new. Space should be filled up with items collected over time and with pieces that express a personal story dear to your heart. Going to your local vintage store will definitely help you acquired electric pieces that will fit right in each room to make them personal yet different from one another. Have fun exploring the emotional benefits of juxtaposing older and modern items together in order to create your sacral temple. Boho-chic Style Tip: Bohemian style is reminiscent of the hippy culture of the 1960s and 1970s, so don’t be afraid to add a mid-century lamp with a patterned rug in front of an accent wall filled with all your favorite photographs and trinket gained during travel destinations. 3- Mix pattern and colors: Don’t be afraid to mix vibrant colors with diverse bold pattern into your space, the goal is to fill every space with an object you love even tho they may not match together. Be creative in the choice of your pieces of furniture because each room is an open book reflecting your life. Due to the «  no rules » characterize of a boho-chic interior, there is no right way to mix colors and pattern together, although most of the adept of a boho-chic opt for warm colors such as deep brown, greens, and grey, you still are free to accessorize the space with saturated purple, electric blue, and dyed textiles and patterns bringing exoticism forth to your interior. Boho-chic Style Tip: Remember to be creative in the choice of accessories and items of furniture, but in order to make them appear even more clearly, I’ll advise you to keep your walls completely white in order to avoid a cluster feel unto space. 4- Warm lighting for a cozy feeling: Because you are trying to create a cozy space for yourself, the lighting is an important component of your design, soft lighting creates a welcoming feel and comforting atmosphere that will tie the design together. This lighting option that hovers around the sense of serenity provides an excellent contrast to the near-chaos that is everywhere else in your Boho-chic interior due to the eclectic accessories and color palette. 5- Celebrate diverse culture in your space: Boho decorating is for anyone who wants their homes full of life, and culture. The style has a history of celebrating wandering artists and art forms from around the world, therefore, every accessory present in the space needs to have a global feel. Items such as a traditional Moroccan statue, Buddha statues, African tribal print rugs, and others need to tell a story of your travels. That's it guys, I hope my top 5 pieces of advice were valuable to you and helped you in your understanding of bohemian interior design. As a little surprise, I decided to add to this article a DIY video on 2 amazing bohemian decoration you can easily make to add to your space, hope you will enjoy it and until next time take care of yourself. ♡
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  • Hello dear readers, I hope you spent an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. As you know, last week, I asked you to send me all the questions you may have regarding the process of becoming an artist. All your questions are part of the interview I’m gonna share with you now The artist at the heart of our interest was Samuel Stober, a 19 years old Artist who lives in Germany near Stuttgart. Despite his young age he already works as a product designer for companies that works with international firms such as Mercedes Benz and Porsche. For him, Art is a way to connect with people and deliver emotions, Which is what he intended to go through three of his Artwork named « bored » Thrived by his interested in art and design, He intends to pursue his education at a well-known Art school in Stuttgart. Many of you asked interesting questions about which Samuel answered. 1- Why did you choose to be an artist? I think to become an artist isn't as big as it seems. When you have a real interest in art and love to look at artworks, think about it, and really get touched by heart and have a connection to art. It's not a big step to become an Artist, the only thing that you need is a great idea. You also need technic for sure but you get better by time. In my case, I became an artist that way. I love art, I am passioned by it and when I have a great idea or vision, I just try to transcript it. 2- What is your inspiration? When I create artwork, I try to deliver emotions. Emotions or feelings can be a very good inspiration. Also, people or their habits can be inspirations too. For example, when you see someone who smokes a cigarette in a unique way or somebody who has a special kind of walk or style. So just keep your eyes open. I also know that inspiration does not always come how we want it to come and every artist has periods when the work is not as easy as it should be. But on the other hand, when you finally get artwork done and you are fine with the proportions, it gives you so much joy and you realize it was worth it. 3- Were you part of an Art exposition and if yes how was it? No, but I work on it. 4- What is your opinion on art? Art is for me a very very big thing. I think art is really good when it makes people reflect on it while delivering emotions at the same time. So a great artwork touches your heart and makes you experience feelings. 5- What is your next step as an artist? I’m working on artwork with a minimalistic cubism way. 6- Which advise will you give to a young artist like you? Just have fun with art - just do it or try it!  Be crazy enough to think that you can do something big! 7- How working as a product designer relates to your art? I think product design is also a kind of art. It also can deliver emotions and feelings and can be very aesthetic. The big difference is that product design has to function technically. Sometimes that makes it a lot more complicated but it also has a good and aesthetic influence. 8- Do you have any painters that influence your creative process? I have so many artists that I love but two artists that really inspired me are George Condo and Pablo Picasso of course. 9- Do you see yourself experimenting with other types of Art forms? Yes, I am interested in so many kinds of art and I'm excited to try them all. I think it's important to try different types of art forms because then you have more options to express your message. 10- How did you choose your artistic style and how can we find our personal artistic style at a young age? The most important thing is that you love what you do. Both, the process and the result. So when you try different types of art forms as I said before you somehow automatically find your own way and style. I also open a debate regarding the art pieces themselves, I wanted us to connect more with Samuel Stober. Here are the answers to your questions about « Bored ». 11- What is the meaning behind the paintings « Bored » (each art piece)? I tried to express boredom and uninspiring feeling which is the main point of the artwork. We all know these moments, but each of us experiences them differently, therefore I'd love to invite all viewers of my artwork to connect the message to their own emotions and own experiences. 12- Is there a meaning behind you choosing a female for these art pieces and why did you choose those color scheme to express boredom? The person and the colors are chosen to express my message. I think explaining them would narrow the space for your experience. 13- Is this painting influenced by the cubism? Technically I’m influenced by the cubism. But it is more a minimalistic cubism I do in my artworks. I love the minimalist way because you can set a closer focus by the restriction. 14- I will finish the article by giving my personal opinion about the wonderful artwork « Bored » When I went to Samuel’s Instagram account for the first time, I was directly attracted by these paintings. I saw through these painting's technique, a much more contemporary version of a work by a Cubist painter (I was very happy when one of you asked the question about cubism because I too saw the influence of this artistic movement in Samuel’s works) The subject in the paintings is distorted by reality, the proportions are exaggerated, which made me feel very uncomfortable. However, the fact that the more we evolve in the collage, the more the dimensions are rebalanced led me to rebalanced my emotions too. When it comes to the colors, the blue evokes me more melancholy than boredom, and the red evokes me a certain sensuality of the character As I said earlier, I can see some evolution in the collage. At the beginning the subject is focused on banal activities that could be the cause of her boredom (smoking cigarets, eating gum), then on the last collage her face is more expressive as if she's ready to open to the world and get out of a routine that leads to her boredom. In my opinion, the work should always present as a trio and not individually because together it allows the observer to see a story, which helps him to connect with the work even more. That's it guys, I hope you enjoyed interviewing an Artist and learn more about Art in general. As you know, my blog is a place for Art lovers to connect and experimenting new things together so I really hope you liked this new initiative I had. I will highly advise you to follow Samuel Stober on Instagram, I know he’s an Artist that worth our attention and that it will be interesting to see his career evolution.

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