The Zicatela House: The duality between roughness and softness


Hello dear readers, I hope you're spending a great weekend. To all my fellow university mate, I hope you started the new semester in a peaceful state of mind. Today's article will focus on an amazing architectural project I stumble upon during my research. I can honestly say that I am excited to dive right into the project for multiple reasons. First of all, because of the layout of the building, second of all, because of the material used and its connection to the surroundings. The House has been designed by the architect Ludwig Godefroy for one of his clients. The design is executed to perfection which values the house the name of "The open-air fortress". This project is definitely one of my favorites because of it's avant-gardism and uniqueness. If you wish to learn more about the Zicatela house then keep reading this article.

Soft Borders: A cultural travel through fragmented memories.


Hello dear readers, as you may already know if you follow me on social media, I attended several art exhibitions during the last week of January at Alserkal Avenue. One that definitely caught my attention was the "Soft Borders" exhibit by the artist Vivien Zhang at Lawrie Shabibi art gallery. It felt amazing to travel alongside the artist and share her experiences and emotions by simply looking at her art pieces. Needless to say, I felt the urge to share with you my thoughts about this installation as well as the meaning behind each painting. Moreover, I was lucky enough to interview Ms. Zhang regarding her working process, her inspiration, and her viewpoint about ART. If you are interested in learning more on the subject than this article was made for you.

How to find your own Aesthetic


Hello dear readers, I am so happy to come to you with an article I believe was expected due to the name of my blog. As Aesthetic Muse (heroic song playing in the background), I think it is my duty to help you find your own aesthetic that allows you to express yourself and shine thought society. As you may already know, my main focuses are on art, design, and architecture but this article won't be limited by these fields. Indeed aesthetic is a concept so broad that it can be applied everywhere, from design, fashion, social media feeds, to art, food, and photography. Therefore for this article, I will approach the subject as a LIFESTYLE in order to assure its flexibility and to allow you to apply my advice in any area of your life.

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