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The Zicatela House: The duality between roughness and softness


Hello dear readers, I hope you're spending a great weekend. To all my fellow university mate, I hope you started the new semester in a peaceful state of mind. Today's article will focus on an amazing architectural project I stumble upon during my research. I can honestly say that I am excited to dive right into the project for multiple reasons. First of all, because of the layout of the building, second of all, because of the material used and its connection to the surroundings. The House has been designed by the architect Ludwig Godefroy for one of his clients. The design is executed to perfection which values the house the name of "The open-air fortress". This project is definitely one of my favorites because of it's avant-gardism and uniqueness. If you wish to learn more about the Zicatela house then keep reading this article.

The Extra Muros Exhibition: A journey through the artistic evolution of Driss Ouadahi.


Hello dear readers, I hope you are all spending an amazing week. It has been a long time since I uploaded an art article, and quite frankly I missed showcasing interesting art exposition on my blog. Therefore, this week article will focus on an art exposition from the Dusseldorf-based painter Driss Ouadahi at the contemporary Lawrie Shabibi art gallery in Dubaï. The reason why I decided to write about this particular exposition is because I was drawn by the idea of using geometry and light as a means to evoke emotion and highlight the connection between the painter, the viewer, and the painting, moreover, the fact that this exposition is happening in my city gave me the opportunity to fully experience it resulting in my personal opinion on his work.

The Izabelin house: a floating structure merging with nature.

MARCH 31TH 2019

Hello dear readers, I hope you are doing well. For my fellow university students, I hope you are enjoying your spring break. Today I am coming to you with a new architecture article, as requested by the majority of you, this article will focus upon the mirror house designed by Marcin Tomaszewski, founder of the Polish firm Reform Architekt. I fell in love with this project by its avantgardist look and the trick it plays to the eyes.

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