How to find your own Aesthetic

Hello dear readers, I am so happy to come to you with an article I believe was expected due to the name of my blog. As Aesthetic Muse (heroic song playing in the background), I think it is my duties to help you find your own aesthetic that allows you to express yourself and shine thought society.

As you may already know, my main focuses are on art, design, and architecture but this article won't be limited by these fields. Indeed aesthetic is a concept so broad that it can be applied everywhere, from design, fashion, social media feeds, to art, food, and photography. Therefore for this article, I will approach the subject as a LIFESTYLE in order to assure its flexibility and to allow you to apply my advice in any area of your life.

Even though this process can seem pretty simple, it can get overwhelming because it demands a deep insight into yourself. For that reason, I will help you through that journey by sharing with you the steps and tools that can help you find your own aesthetic.

First of all, before sharing with you my tips, I would like to give a definition of the word "AESTHETIC" in order to fully understand what is the thought process necessary to achieve our goal.

Now that we have this definition on the back of our mind, we can surely start with the most important step of our journey:

1- Deep inner Searching

I know most of you are all shaking your head in confusion but hear me through, the reason why this step is probably the most important one is that its the foundation of your journey. In order to adopt your own aesthetic as a lifestyle, you need to know yourself enough to ensure a sustainable approach on the mater. Therefore for this first step, I will advise you to take some time alone for you to deeply search what's make YOU happy and comfortable. Try yoga, meditation or simply read books, the most important thing is to ask yourself the right question through the process:

- What makes me happy?

- How to I want to impact others?

- What are my top interests in life?

Through your answers, you will gain the tools necessary to access the next step because YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH.

2- Look for inspiration

For this step, I will refer to the definition of the word "aesthetic" in order to help you be more conscious through this process. As we now know, aesthetic as something to do with one's own sense, taste, and perception, therefore it is important to point the difference between getting inspired and coping. Because we do not all feel the same and do not all have the same perception of life, it will be very difficult to end up with the same result as others. Therefore don't be afraid to add your own uniqueness while looking for inspiration. I'll primary advice you to search for inspiration everywhere you go, from the garden to the cinema, beauty is everywhere for the one who's daring enough to look for it. That is what my blog is about I want to be a source of inspiration for you in order to help you find your own beauty.

So read books, look on the internet, talk to people, but don't stop looking for what you find beautiful.

3- Visual by creating a mood board

It is very important to visualize what you want to accomplish before materializing it in real life. And this is the reason why dear friends, the mood board come into play. Personally, I love creating boards, whether it is for my university project, personal project, or even for my yearly goals; boards are a good way to piecing together all the ideas we may have unto one main canvas.

A mood board has for purpose to help you organize all your ideas together and to fully comprehend what feelings they evoke. Once again, aesthetic has to do with feelings, therefore by creating a mood board you are able to know if all your inspiration works well together to create the emotion you want to have when adopting your own aesthetic. Since we are addressing the subject as a lifestyle, remember your choices has to be sustainable in time

You can create your mood board physically or you can create one on Pinterest, to me, it doesn't matter.

Make what you more inspired to do but nevertheless, you should keep in mind the following question while creating your mood board according to your selected project:

- How do you want your ideal interior to look?

- What do you want your fashion style to inspired?

- What is the feeling your photography should evoke?

4- Own your creations

Now that we gracefully executed all the previous steps, we finally reach the final stage. Now it's time for you to actually put all your effort into action and to proudly own your aesthetic. Don't forget to always create in the comfort of your aesthetic because it's the definition of who you are and how you see life.

That's it guys, I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help you on your journey. Until next time, take care of yourself ♡


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