Inspiration: room divider with stunning design

Hello dear readers, I hope you are doing well. In today article I would like to talk about room divider! I know it doesn't sound exciting but allow me to explain, those furniture pieces are a great way to take advantages of large living places by creating new rooms. It is also the best way to capitalize on a studio apartment.

I will mainly focus on organic divider that will help you to create a new room without enclaving the space, which means they create a sense of openness while separating the two space. Throughout natural material, those room divider act as a guideline and focal point in your overall design while creating a connection between each space.

1- Frosted glass divider

This type of room divider can separate one chaotic room into two calm sanctuaries due to the material. The frosted glass creates a sense of privacy between the two room. This divider doesn't catch the eyes which allow the primary design to shine through. It is the perfect match to create a zen ambiance in the rooms.

2- Modern shelves divider

Shelves divider usually give definition to space without closing it too much, it also adds extra storage. Here, in this case, the pole shelving is a bold statement for industrial style interior, thanks to the raw materials this room divider creates a rustic atmosphere. This is the best way to divide the room and gain extra storage.

3- Fringe curtain

This is one of my favorite dividers so far. Thanks to the organic fibers, this room divider will add authenticity to space and act as a guideline for the rest of the design by the fact that is it an eye-catching piece. It is the perfect choice for the one that loves minimalism and contemporary design, moreover this design piece is easy to DIY.

4- Patterned divider

This is a lovely way to keep the space airy and add a focal point that connects the two rooms. The choice of the pattern can complement a certain type of style (ej: arabesque for Islamic design, art nouveau patterns from the late 19th century, etc). If you want to add a personal touch to your room, this is the best room divider for you.

5- Vertical lines: raw wood divider

Source: veraiachia

This is a reminder of the "fringe curtain", based on the same concept as the use of raw materials, the outcome is the same. It creates a feeling of openness while providing a visual division between the rooms, we can also appreciate the patterns of the shadow once the light hits the divider. Clean and simple, this divider is a wink to the minimalist design. In my opinion, this divider is best suited for the exterior in order to realize the full potential of the structure.

6- Flowerpot divider

Source: Ikea

If you are looking to add some greenery to your space, this is the perfect choice for you. This room divider is multifunctional just like the "selves divider", it creates a visual division without encroaching on the available space, it also brings a touch of freshness into the house. If you love nature and want to make up two rooms from one big space, this call is for you!

I really hope that this article will inspire you to incorporate divider in order to maximize your space and that you founded a way to express your aesthetic through a furniture that will change your life and your house :)


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