My cocoon: the perfect blend of traditional hostel and Cycladic aesthetic.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hello dear readers, in this article I am going to talk about an innovative architectural project located in Mykonos. My cocoon is the first boutique hostel of Greece, this project was request by private buyers passionated about guest house and the hosting industry.

The company Omniview ( founded by architects Dimitri Tsigos, John Tsigos, John Tsigos, and Miltos Kambourides ) was in charge of the project. Thrilled by the idea to transcribe the outstanding concept of the hostel in an Cycladic environment, the goal behind the design process was to combine the cultural and technical dimension of this model of habitation to the overall aesthetic of the city.

First of all, I would like to give a brief definition of what is an hostel. Those auberge can be found all around the world in different countries, the traditional hostel format involved dormitory style accommodation where travelers share a bedroom and common facilities for a derisory price. Those models of habitation are a great way for the travelers to interact with one another and save money.

Throughout the project, the strategy was to combine the traditional open plan found in the conventional hostel and the capsule model that relies on a space divided by walls. The goal was to generate a balance between the shattered space and a feeling of openness.

The beds are design to be part of the building shells to lead to a welcoming space with yet privacy value. New construction technique was used to achieve the final design. The structural viability of the steal combined with the aesthetic value of screed cement resulted in a purity of the space.

This overall feeling of lightness is one of the main feature of the Cycladic aesthetic. The purity of lines, the minimalist design, the white-washed screed cement, and the use of materials such as the wood and marble stones are the foundation of this design.

As for the final product, this contemporary hostel is the deduction of the process of implementing a modern function to a Cycladic environment which was one of the main goal of Omniview.


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