Olea All Suite Hotel and the balance of natural element

Hello dear readers, I hope you had a great week. Today I want to present to you an architectural project with great conceptual foundations. Olea All Suite Hotel is located on the northeastern coast of the Greek island of Zakynthos more precisely in the village of Tsilivi, the location is known for its Cycladic traditional activities and its amazing landscape.

Olea All Suite Hotel is based on “Simplicity, clean lines, highest quality materials and special attention to details" which clearly transcript the main goal of the studio in charge of the project.

Block722 is an Athens and Stockholm based architectural practice. Founded in 2009 by Sotiris Tsergas and Katja Margaritoglou, the studio is active in the architectural, the interior design and construction fields, managing a wide variety of projects, from initial planning until its completion.

Βlock722 team is noted for its exceptional creativity and commitment to quality design. The use of space reflects the sensitivity to its environment. With close attention on the elements of architecture, they keen to represent the interactions of internal and external space without any physical boundaries while reflecting tension and dynamism in the design at the same time.

Overall as said earlier, we can clearly see the hallmark of Block722 on this project. Guided by the island’s landscape, the studio merged Mediterranean architecture with tropical elements to create a

“tropical romance in a Mediterranean paradise” while offering a contemporary viewpoint at the same time.

In the name of environmental sustainability, the architects worked to include the nature in their design without deteriorating it, using natural techniques and materials such as rustic oak wood, bamboo, and rattan. The color scheme is really neutral in this architecture, allowing the buildings to merge with its environment.

The result resembles luxurious tropical-modernist cube structures that echo a minimalistic tropical island settlement. The Olea All Suite Hotel is a fresh, calming and harmonious retreat that rely on a natural element.

The concept behind the architecture is to asset the everlasting feeling of freedom and mindfulness in every guest's mind. Therefore, the water act as a guideline that resembles the deep state of relaxation one feels when floating. This idea is presented in the resort’s layout with the presence of water through the design.

At the center a 4,000-square-meter pool that resembles a lake was design to restitute the calming power of water through the veins of the resorts, marking the man-made lake as the heart of the architecture. Thereby, the minimally-designed luxury suites and hotel facilities are naturally developed around it in order to steady the serene effects of water.

The complete absence of boundaries between the resort's suites and the communal spaces cultivates a unique sense of freedom, a place where water is meandering between island-like cubist structures and it's surroundings, with many suites also boasting private pools and views of the sea.

The 5-star hotel puts a big emphasis on wellness and offers a great experience to every guest. With the consolidation of its architecture, the concept is organically introduced.

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