Opera Gallery: the ideal fusion of Modern and Contemporary Art

Hello dear readers, for this article I want you to have an insight of an Art gallery in its conceptual process when it comes to working with artists, displaying and selling Art. Most of us see them as those platforms that allow collectors to procure Art pieces from the best artist in the industry but it is much more than that.

There are many Art galleries in Dubai but Opera Gallery caught my attention, firstly due to the fact that it is considered as the largest international Art Gallery with the biggest Art network. Moreover, I immediately loved the Art pieces exhibit there. For this article, I had the opportunity to interview Sylvain Gaillard, the director of Opera Gallery in Dubai which is located at Gate Village Building 3 in DIFC.

Painting from Bernard BUFFET

Now let's focus on the history of the gallery itself. Opera Gallery was founded in 1994 by Gilles Dyan, it firstly opened in Singapore where it was considered as the1st gallery to sell Contemporary Art in the country. The gallery then opened in Paris and in several strategical cities known for their good collectors base.

Painting from Andre BRASILIER

The gallery has always been known for its not traditional model, meaning they act as a merchant on the secondary market when it comes to well-accomplished Artists who passed away, but also as an endorser for new artists. This model allows them to be flexible and relatable to every collector, but it also allows them to stay relevant in the Art industry.

Modern Art is part of the essence of the gallery, timeless artist such as Pablo PICASSO, Mac CHAGALL, Claude MONET (to name a few) are display. It was really interesting for me to be sitting in the "black room" while I was interviewing Mr. Gaillard and be surrounded by all those incredible pieces from those famous artist.

Picture of me in the '' dark room'', a place where all the master's artworks are display

When it comes to Contemporary Art, Opera Gallery focuses on different type of artists. There is on one hand the ones who are already accomplished and are considered as masters such as Takashi MURAKAMI or Manolo VALDÉS.

Art pieces from Takashi MURAKAMI

In the other hand, newbie artist, while working with new artist the gallery tries to stay open-minded and focus on different aspect of the artist itself. Nevertheless, the main idea is to give the opportunity to fresh artist, who brings something innovating to the Art industry by using original techniques, striking messages and excellent qualities in their Art pieces.

Art piece from Hong-yi ZHUANG

Owing to the important size of the gallery network, Opera Gallery faces challenges. Firstly from the operation perspective, due to the constant shipment of the pieces to their different location from around the world. Secondly, from the ethical perspective, they are shoved to adapt to the new Art movement and the new way of buying Art, while pressured to bring a fresh vision to their clientele. Fortunately, the gallery manages to stay relevant thanks to its flexibility.

I asked Mr. Gaillard to tell me more about the exhibitions that marked the gallery the most, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that each exhibition focuses on something different while echoing the main vision of the gallery.

For example, the exhibition Icon of Art II took place on the 22nd of January 2016. This exhibition gave the opportunity to many people in Dubai to appreciate paintings from the twentieth century, which contributed to the awareness of Art in the Middle East.

With the same idea, the exhibition Calligrafuturism took place through the 07th-20th of December 2016. The goal behind was to promote a new Russian artist name Pokras LAMPAS, this exhibit was a success and mainly showed the capacity of the gallery to support new Artist.

All of this demonstrates the capacity of Opera Gallery to grow with a new artist and stay on-topic while educating the visitors as the same.

In the 3rd of October 2018, Opera Gallery will present a Street Art Show. The exhibition will educate visitors about this Art movement with a little twist to it. Stay tuned guys!


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