The difference between Modern and Contemporary interior design.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hello dear readers, today I come to you with more of a theoretical article to help my fellow student friend that may be struggling with some technical word, or just for those of you who are wondering: What is the real difference between Modern and Contemporary in interior design.

While those two words may seem to hold the same meaning, some major differences exist. Therefore I will break down for you the various differences that you can find in those two styles in terms of interior design.

Modern interior design

This style refers to a past period of time more specifically during the mid 20's. A period mark as the peak of a design that focuses more on the functionality and the simplicity in therms of forms.

Modern interior design is base on the use of earthier element

Most of the time element such as wood, leather, and nature-inspired decor are used in the space. The color palette is always lead by earthier hue with colors such as turquoise, brown, olive, and green.

Contemporary interior design

This style doesn't refer to a specific period of time, it is a reflection of the design at the very moment when the term contemporary is use. Let's say it's describe design nowadays , since this notion is in relation with the trendy aspect of it. Therefore in future years, contemporary design will probably be used to describe the trend at that time, since the notion is forever ongoing.

Contemporary interior design is based on the use of element such as steel, glass and concrete

A colder color palette is used in the contemporary interior, highlighting colors such as black, grey, white and pure vibrant bright colors in there is any.

Similarities between the two style

While the two styles can look different, they still held similarities to one another. They both focus on a minimalist use of the space that helps to create an open space feel, they also are really similar by their clean architectural lines that control our perception of the design.

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