The expression of simplicity through design

Hello dear readers, in today's article I will talk about one of my favorite cafe to go to when I need this extra punch during the day. I may not be a heavy coffee drinker but what I enjoy about this cafe is the fact that everyone can find a drink that fits their needs and expectations. Nevertheless, the design of this cafe is simply amazing and this is one of the main reason why I love going there.

% ARABICA is a cafe located in several venues in Dubai. The cafe is originally from Japan and was founded by Kenneth Shoji, who was guided by his desire to give the chance to everyone to experiment an amazing cup of coffee every morning while providing an equally amazing experience.

When it comes to the service, they offer delicious pastries and a large range of coffee from the world best plantations. I usually order the Spanish Latte coffee with Burundi beans because the coffee bean is not that strong in taste which is perfect for me.

I will now focus on the design aspect of this cafe, Kenneth Shoji worked with the remarkably talented architect Masaki Kato to create the aesthetic of the space.

The design is quite simple and minimalistic which perfectly transcript the Japanese concept behind the cafe, each shop has its own space organization but the colors scheme and material use stay the same. The interior design is characterized by rose gold, light wood, and raw materials, as well as black, white and woody pieces of furniture.

The shop aesthetic is display as a showcase allowing it to create a sense of welcoming feeling through the use of warm lighting and design.

% Arabica Kuwait Gardenia. Picture from

The white counter creates a contrast with the rest of the design which allows it to catch the attention of the client. The purely functional arrangement of coffee crushers, roasting machines, espresso machines tie the background to a ritual entirely devoted to the preparation of coffee

In every shop, a massive pack of coffee beans with the logo are displayed throughout the space, this design process gives an artisan-at touch to the room echoing the main mission of % ARABICA which is to offer a simple and down to earth experience to each customer. In the same vein, a map of the world is layout on the wall as an expression of their slogan: See the world through coffee.

With its quality coffee and unique design, % ARABICA is the perfect meeting point for those who appreciate fine design and perfectly served coffee.


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