The Humlegården apartment: a multicolor design

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hello dear readers, this article will focus on an interesting project located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Humlegården apartment was completed by the Swedish architects Tham & Videgård Hansson. Inspired by the classical use of colors and pattern in the Swedish tradition, the goal was to match the apartment and its surroundings in terms of the seasonal color scheme.

Owing to the desire of the client to possess an opposite design than "the standard Scandinavian" interior. The Architect Tham and Videgard Hansson played with the quality of light and the exterior colors that interact with the interior space in order to represent the seasonal evolution of the nearby park.

This spacial visualization is tie together by the overlapping colors changes and the layered structure.

The development of overside multicolored parquet was the key to produce a space which harmonize contemporary industrial process and quality crafted materials.

The parquet floor functions as a bond system that offers design alternatives. With this colorful scheme, the link between each room could be developed as a graduation, and natural light be encouraged or tuned down. The position of every piece of parquet was rigorously specified, eliminating random placement from the construction process.

As said by the architect " all furniture is rendered in white, which highlights the physical design of each individual piece, simultaneously allowing us to create a coherent ensemble, including pieces from different design cultures and times '

In my personal opinion, the chose of white furniture help to have a better understanding of the goal behind the transition of colors from rooms to rooms. While studying this project, I had the feeling that the goal of the design process behind this apartment was to create a generally sensation of bliss thanks to the colors choices.


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