The Ultimate Revelation about Street Art

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Hello dear readers, for this week article, I am coming to you with an amazing perceptive on the Art industry, more precisely Street Art.

I had the opportunity to interview one of the most famous artists of this industry: Okuda San Miguel and I also had the chance to attend a Street Art festival. Those experiences allowed me to have a better understanding of this form of art and I would love to share that with you.

Skull Mirror, France, 2017, Pic by By Night Gallery

Generally speaking and according to, born in 1960, street art is art created on surfaces in public places such as sidewalks, exterior building walls, and highway overpasses. This trend started in urban areas, even tho it's connected in certain ways to graffiti, street art is usually created as a means to convey a message connected to political ideas, social commentary, or confrontation. Nowadays, not all street art involves painting. It can be stickers spread over surfaces or a process where artists cover things like trees and telephone poles with knitting and colorful fibers. Street art can also be done with stencils, where the creator repeats the image all over a surface to make a statement. It's is important to highlight that known figures such as Okuda San Miguel influenced this industry.

A picture of Okuda for Elchino in 2017

Okuda San Miguel is a Spanish artist born in 1980. At a young age, he has always love to create. Strongly influenced by surrealism, pop art, music and ancestral cultures like African, Mayan or Asiatic, Okuda San Miguel is deemed for his unique visual identity.

Known for his unique art pieces for big brands such as Puma, Adidas, and MTV. Okuda San Miguel has shown his versatility, from mural painting for Puma to the designing of a limited edition ZX Flux Sneaker for Adidas. His impact on the industry is recognized to be revolutionary.

Kaos Temple - 2015 taken by Elchino Po

His art pieces are recognizable by their multicolored geometry in bodies and faces symbolizing multiculturalism (all skin colors and races in one), and their geometric shapes and patterns symbolizing a digital feeling mixed with the organic forms of nature.

After interviewing the artist, It was clear to me that his art has 2 distinct missions. Firstly, through his art, he aims to change the dull vision of the world with a positive perspective by changing the grey concrete in all cities into more colorful tones. Secondly, he addresses social issues through social interventions, for example for one of his last projects, he transformed a school in the north of Spain. As said by Okuda San Miguel himself, " I bring more human experience and try to change the lives of people around by inspiring them".

On Friday 2nd, 2018, I had the chance to attend a street art festival. The atmosphere was really festive and cohesive, from the visitors to the artists themselves, everyone vibrated on the rhythm of the music. The “I’m loving Street Art” interactive event allowed me to witness the live performances of each street art artist. It was overwhelming to see the art pieces "take life" in front of my eyes.

Thanks to this experience, I have learned the technique used by street art artist to create their art. During the event, spray paint, posters, and liquid paint were the main methods used by them.

Thanks to those amazing experiences, the main lesson I have learned is that street art is a way for the artist to express a bigger opinion, it addresses an international purpose, the one to make our world a place where people can find beauty and joy. Street art is a powerful way to create a cohesion between people. As said by Okuda San Miguel " art is something pure, that comes from the heart of the artists and the market is a more banal thing".

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and find it valuable in your process to have a better understanding of street art ♡


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