The use of the senses in the service of Art

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hello dear readers, as you may know, I am a huge fan of art and the inspirational source that it represent for me. In this article, I am offering you an exclusive interview with the amazing artist Frédéric Forest.

I first find Frédéric Forest through his Instagram, on which many of his artwork were display. When I first looked at his drawings, I fell in love with their composition and the emotion emitted from them. I immediately knew that I had to write an article about him and his art.

Frédéric Forest grew up in Annecy, French Alps, he always had an interest for sport and drawing "I started drawing before writing" he said. Drive by his early desire to create a design that would serve a bigger purpose, he studied at Les Ateliers in Paris. After graduating Frédéric moved to Italy where he was able to grow his portfolio while working with Adidas and other luxury firms. After several experiences working alongside designers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and Jean-Marie Massaud. He collaborated with Clémentine Giaconia to develop their own design consultancy studio FRST, and the well-known studio Forest. Giaconia that focuses on furniture, interior design, and private projects. As for his drawings, thanks to the use of social media platforms, Frédéric Forest was able to evolve and promote his art.

Waking up by Frédéric Forest

It is during a peaceful moment and without any specific subject in mind or any particular expectation on the outcome that Frédéric Forest uses his senses to guide the lines and create his art.

Waiting by Frédéric Forest

Mainly inspired by his surrounding, Frédéric conceive his inspiration has a result of random moments running in his head that stealing everything he sees. These moments could be everything, a smell, a sound, someone he crosses in the street, a cloth or its detail. Mostly influenced by photography, fashion, gastronomy, music, typography, and dance. Frédéric Forest pay tribute to figures like the architects Frank Lloyd-Wright, Carlo Scarpa, Auguste Rodin, Constantin Brancusi and the photographers Robert Mapplethorpe to name a few; "They enable me to express new feelings and suggest new stories, whatever the scale of the project" as said by the artist

Described by himself as "the right balance between control and pure instinct". The artist uses his hands as a guide, not a dominance. While having a control on the lines and the overall shapes of the drawing, Frédéric keen to create a representation of his own sensibility "My hand is a filter, she has her own sensibility" he said.

This design process allows the viewer to access to the personal emotion of the artist throughout every art pieces.

When ask his opinion on the art industry, Frédéric Forest described the contemporary art as a modern instrument that focuses more on power and money. But he also praised the wave of artists that have no limitation on their conception of art and don't feel pressure to fit in any "box". Artist such as Jean Julien, Ines Longevial, James Jean, Viviane Sassen to name a few.

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